My Current Research Project

My research has now veered away from digging further into my own genealogy.  My daughter, a 3rd year law student at George Washington University in DC, came to me for help in researching the families of people involved in a Supreme Court case about which she is writing a paper that will most likely be published. Justice Clarence Thomas is teaching the seminar. The cases, Kinsella v. Krueger and Reid v. Covert were joined for the purposes of the Supreme Court hearing due to their similarity.

I have been able to research the family lines of both the wives and the murdered husbands back quite far into the past.  I have found some photos, passenger lists, passport applications, graves of the murdered soldiers and a lot of other interesting information that will add color to this paper, which will probably be published.

This is a great example of how learning to do family research can have uses aside from personal genealogy.  I have gotten so involved with these families that I feel I know them.  I will write more about the actual case tomorrow.


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