Mystery Solved After 16 Years of Searching!


Today was another day for me to get sidetracked in my family research.  I am supposed to be working on family research for my daughter’s legal paper, but things keep popping up.

In yesterday’s post, I talked about getting in touch with a LISTER cousin.  I promised him some narrative reports on the family lines we share.  I was proof reading one of the reports and something popped out at me that I had never noticed before in my database – a BARNETT connection.

In “About” I talk about the beginning of my family research started with a family Bible.  This Bible lists my ancestor, William “Mill Creek Billy” THORN, his wife Sarah, and their children, with dates of birth for all.  The baffling thing in the Bible was that it also listed a two generations of a BARNETT line, beginning with Joseph Barnett and his wife, Lucy.  The Bible lists all of their children and their dates of birth.  It goes on to their son Micajah and his wife Jene, listing their children and their dates of birth.  I thought this meant that there was a connection, somewhere, between the BARNETTs and the FOSTERs through someone in Micajah BARNETT’s descendants.

I have been in touch with BARNETT researchers and exhausted all possibilities of making a connection between the BARNETT family and the FOSTER family. While proofing my narrative report today for my THORN(E) line, I noticed BARNETTs in the lines of an ancestor’s sister.  Wow!  After all these years of searching, I found the connection.  It just wasn’t where I thought it would be.

The answer as to how this Bible ended up with my gg Aunt Myrtle (a FOSTER descendant) will probably never be answered. The connection is that my ggg Aunt, Mary Jane THORN married Charles Chancey HINSDALE.  They had a daughter, Leminda Ann HINSDALE, who became the second wife of William Micajah BARNETT. William Micajah BARNETT is the great grandson of the Joseph BARNETT in my Bible.  He is the grandson of Micajah BARNETT, through his son, Javan, by his second wife.  This is all so complicated I know, yet SO exciting to find the connection.

The moral of the story is – NEVER give up!


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