Ask And You Shall Receive – Sometimes.

(This is research for a law school paper – not my family line)

Kathryn Smith Obit
Thank you, thank you, thank you genealogy community.  I had asked in my last post on Aubrey Dewitt Smith for an obituary for his mother, in hopes that would prove my research theory that Katie PIATT was his mother.

I had contacted Judy Young, who posted Aubrey Dewitt Smith’s memorial on Find a Grave.  She and I have been in communication for several weeks now trying to tie up loose ends in the line.

Today, Judy emailed me that she had contacted Frances Doubt SMITH, who researches SMITH and lives in that area.  A few hours later, Judy emails me a copy of the obituary I was trying SO hard to find!  It is a genealogical miracle.  Not only did it prove that Katie PIATT is Aubrey’s mother, but it gave me her full date of birth, place of birth. death of date and place of death.  It names her husband and her surviving children.  This is a wonderful gift and I am SO grateful to generous and helpful genealogists and family researchers who go above and beyond to help perfect strangers.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Judy and to Francis.  It means so much!


One thought on “Ask And You Shall Receive – Sometimes.

  1. Would it be possible to share my contact info with Frances Doubt Smith and give her the option of conacting me regarding Smith searches in the Booneville, MO area? Being new to geneology I’m not sure if there is a standard protocol for who or how to make contact. Thank you. Pat

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