New KRUEGER Family Gold Nuggets!

(This is research for a law school paper – not my family line)

I continue to research, almost obsessively, the fascinating KRUEGER family (with a focus on Dorothy Jane Krueger SMITH).  I have uncovered a few gold nuggets in the past couple of days that I will share in this post.

I do want to say that there are things I am not going to reveal here for several reasons.  If you have been following my posts on this research, you know that I am doing this to help my daughter with a paper she is writing on the Supreme Court case.  We have uncovered some little known facts about Dorothy’s court-martial and the subsequent appeal and writ of habeas-corpus filed by lawyers hired by General Krueger that led to the Supreme Court case.  These nuggets are reserved for my daughter’s paper and I will not talk about those facts here.  My primary focus is the family history research and this is all I will write about in this blog.

One of my biggest questions was, what happened to the teenaged children of Aubrey and Dorothy SMITH after the murder and Dorothy’s arrest.  I was able to find their names, which I won’t post here to protect their privacy.  However, I did find the answer to my question in a wonderful biography of General Walter KRUEGER, General Walter Krueger: Unsung Hero of the Pacific War by Kevin C. Holzimmer.  The children went to San Antonio, TX to live with the General and wife, Grace.  Grace was in failing health at the time and did not live to see her daughter released from prison.  The biography is full of wonderful nuggets of information.  I recommend it to anyone with an interest in military history, WWII or history in general.  It is meticulously researched and very well written.

I also found out that General Krueger was on the cover of Time Magazine 29 Jan 1945 and there is a wonderful article about him (with some terrific quotes) in the same issue. Intellectual copyright law prevents me from posting the cover picture or information from the article here, but I can give you links to both.  Well worth reading and the cover picture is great!

World Battlefronts: Old Soldier


11 thoughts on “New KRUEGER Family Gold Nuggets!

  1. Hello!
    I live in Zlotow (former german town Flatow), where gen. Walter Krueger was born, in 1881. I am proud, he lived here for some years, until 1889… Zlotow now (from 1945) is in borders of Poland.

    • Things could have been very different had his father not died and his mother not immigrated to the US. We are big Walter Krueger fans. Thank you for your post. The political borders of your part of the world were in such a flux in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. I am happy to have this detail to add – that his birth location is in what is now Poland. Thank you.

      • Yes… I am big fan of Walter Krueger, too! I think, he is most famous man from our town! I know many things about his mother family… They lived in Zlotow/Flatow until 1945! I am a journalist, editor-in-chief our local newspaper. Some years ago I wrote an article about gen. Krueger! Here is link to my facebook profile:
        Greetings from Poland!
        Grandmother of general Krueger, from mother side, was Pole!

      • That really is so interesting. I read his biography and found it fascinating. The man was a genius and self educated for the most part. I would love to read your article, but I don’t read Polish. Still, if you have a copy you could send me, that would be an interesting thing to have. We weren’t able to find out much about him before they immigrated.

      • Hello!
        I don’t speak well english, but I try to write something about W. Krueger family, lived here in Zlotow/Flatow. So, Hasse – it was an old Flatow family, they came from town Koslin, today Koszalin. Doctor Karl Hasse (born 29. March 1824), maternal grandfather of W. Krueger, was county doctor, very important person. He came to Flatow/Zlotow on 7 August 1851, died 26 July 1983. He married a noblesse woman with polish name Potocki. He had children – Anna – Walter’s mother, and son – Gustav – also doctor of medicine. Gustav was born on 5 October 1858. Dr Gustav Hasse and his wife died during escape from Flatow, in winter, January 1945. Family Hasse had a house in Wilhelmstrasse in Flatow/Zlotow. Gustav Hasse was a member of Masonic Lodge, he had troubles, because he don’t use nazi salute wit raised hand – “Heil Hitler”. We don’t know, why Anna came to USA? Her family was so rich… J. Krueger was 30 years older, but he was’nt old – why he died? Maybe Anna had problems…
        My town Zlotow, until 1772 was polish town, then german through 173 years. After II World War became again polish.
        You have new/old president!

      • That is such interesting information. Anna’s life certainly changed when she immigrated. I would love to know more about the family before immigration. Walter came from tough stock and was his own man, even at the age of 17 when he joined the Army rather than go into an apprenticeship as a blacksmith. It is said that Anna objected to his desire to become a Naval officer. Maybe her experiences as the wife of a soldier had not been pleasant for her. I wish I knew.

        “Julius KRÜGER, a Prussian landowner who had served as an officer in the Franco-Prussian War, and his wife, Anna, formerly Hasse. Anna’s father was a physician. Following Julius’s death, Anna and her three children emigrated to the United States to be near her uncle, Edward Nixdorff, a well known brewer, in St. Louis, Missouri. Walter was then eight years old. After Anna remarried, the family settled in Madison, Indiana.

        She remarried a Lutheran minister, Emil Carl Schimdt, also an immigrant. They settled in Washington County, Illinois. In the early 1890s, they relocated to Madison, Indiana.”

        ^ Holzimmer, Kevin C. (2007). General Walter Krueger: Unsung Hero of the Pacific War. Lawrence, Kansas:University Press of Kansas. pp. 10. ISBN 978-0-7006-1500-1.

      • Julius Kruger came to Flatow/Zlotow in 1880, and married Anna Hasse. She was 30 years younger than her husband. Julius was born in german town Leipzig. He was not a landowner, he was a lease-holder of big farm in Flatow/Zlotow, belonged to prussian prince.

      • As for our President, I am personally thrilled that Obama was reelected. How does your country see him? I know that this election was being watched around the world.

    • About President Obama… For many polish people USA is a second country, so called Promised Land. Many, many people from Poland came to USA, even my father’s aunt. We were very surprised when Obama won… Why? I want not explain why… We have in Poland two biggest political parties: ruling party PO – they want to work together with our neighbours – Russia and Germany, and other party – opposition to PO, PiS, who wants to work with USA… But we know, that Obama wants to work togerher wit asiatics states, like China, Japan. Not with us, in Europe. Besides, polish people wants come to USA, must have visa… We say – America, our friends, and we can’t go there without permission. What a shame…

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