The Cases of the Murdering Wives

(This is research for a law school paper – not my family line)

It occurred to me tonight that I hadn’t posted on this blog in over a week.  Research on the parties involved in the cases goes on.  My daughter and I spent all day last Friday, 30 Sep, 2011 at The Library of Congress going through the Supreme Court Justices’ internal memoranda on the cases that the Justices themselves called, “the cases of the murdering wives.” Justice Hugo Black wrote the majority opinion on the their reversal of a decision made only 16 months before this decision.  Justice Black’s papers are restricted and we have requested access to see them.  We hope that permission will be granted soon.  We were still able to glean to great gold nuggets from the papers of other justices.

Supreme Court Note

Let me just throw in here how awesome it was to actually hold in my hands notes HANDWRITTEN by William O. Douglass, William J. Brennan, Felix Frankfurter, Earl Warren and the others.  I was literally holding history in my hands.  Going through the folders, I kept getting distracted by items that nothing to do with the case we were researching.  That was a very special experience.  Going through the papers is very time-consuming so getting distracted was a luxury I couldn’t afford.  There is a lot of paper and much of is not filed in a way that makes it easy to find –  a lot of searching through boxes hoping for a note on the case.  We photographed over 60 notes and documents and I still have to go through those photos to see what needs enhancing in Photoshop for my daughter to use in her work.

On Sunday, 2 Oct 2011, we contacted a living relative of one of the “murdering wives.”  This relative was a young teenager at the time of the murders, but remembers a great deal.  She was able to offer a lot of wonderful information and is going to send family photos are more.  That was another very lucky find.

I spent the rest of the week ill with a bad cold and didn’t do much work.  I did get back into researching Clarice COVERT’s family history.  I have gotten hung up on something that doesn’t make any difference to my daughter’s paper, but it is important to me, as a Research Junkie and dedicated family researcher.  I will write about that mystery tomorrow.

Oh, one last thing.  I put out a query for an obituary for Edward Eugene COVERT and received a copy of that tonight.  This project is coming together beautifully.


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