The Reid v Covert, Kinsella v Krueger Paper

First of all, I really wish I liked blogging more than I do.  I am a Research Junkie, not a blogging junkie.  The thing about blogging is that it gets the word out there and brings people to us that we never find any other way.  Several family members of the parties involved in the Supreme Court case commonly known as Reid have contacted me about this blog.  I have connected with cousins because of this blog.  I am going to make a concerted effort at the end of each day to recap my day’s research here so that sort of thing continues to happen.

As for the paper on the Supreme Court case that started this blog, I can tell you that my daughter got an A+ on the paper and Clarence Thomas said it by far the best paper turned in for the class.  The thing that impressed them all most was the way that the parties involved in the two cases combined for the sake of the Supreme Court hearing were humanized by the paper.  The family information, the facts about the people and the background on their families made the paper come to life for the readers.  Genealogy can even improve a Constitutional Law paper!

I wish I could give you more details, but I am sworn to secrecy on many of the facts we uncovered until the paper is published.  My daughter wants those special pieces of information to appear first in print in her paper.  I can say that I am very proud that my research and genealogy skills could help to make this paper so special.

I will end by saying thank you to those who contacted us and helped with information on the paper.  She still wants to hear from you as there is time to edit the paper before it is published.  I vow to try harder to update this blog daily with what is going on in my research. I want to meet more members of my family through this blog.


3 thoughts on “The Reid v Covert, Kinsella v Krueger Paper

  1. Strangely enough, my father–whose papers I’ve been going through with thoughts of writing a book about him–was an Air Force psychologist stationed in England at the time of Clarice Covert’s court martial. He testified in her favor, believing her to have been the victim of spousal abuse. He may even have befriended her to some extent, as I have several letters to him from Mrs. Covert after she was freed by the Supreme Court decision.

    • After writing the message above, I saw your query on Yahoo regarding the Covert children. Mention is made in the letters in my possession of Mrs. Covert’s sons. I’m not sure how we can exchange that information privately. Perhaps you can make some suggestion. I think privacy would be quite important in a matter as sensitive as this.

      • I will email you privately – thank you SO MUCH for commenting here. My daughter will be thrilled to exchange information with you.

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