The 1940 US Census Community Project Needs YOU!

I am very excited about that 1940 US Census, which will be released April 2, 2012. My current BIG research project is my husband’s Alberding line – my latest posts have been about them. Grandfather Coenraad immigrated to the US in 1911 and his family was complete by the 1930 US Census. However, I have had some difficulty finding the families of some of his brothers and sisters and have high hopes for the 1940 US Census. The 1940 US Census should be a wonderful resource for new information on this family.

Upon its release, the 1940 US Census Community Project, a joint initiative between FamilySearch,, and will coordinate efforts to provide quick access to these digital images and immediately start indexing these records to make them searchable online with free and open access.

Please help with indexing the 1940 US Census. The Census will not be searchable until it fully indexed and it will take tens of thousands of volunteers months to complete this task. It really isn’t difficult and indexing is quite interesting. The indexing initiative being sponsored, in part, by FamilySearch is called the 1940 US Census Community Project. More information about indexing and what YOU can do is available HERE!

No special skills are needed to index records and it a tremendous help to all who are doing family history. Pay it forward by giving your help to this indexing project. The more volunteers who are working on the indexing, the sooner it will be possible to search for YOUR family. The digital images will be available to everyone on April 2, but if you don’t know exactly where to look, you NEED the indexed records to make your search easier.

Sign up today to help. It is YOUR census. Indexing is a “feel good” way to spend some time. Don’t wait – the genealogical community needs your help! If that isn’t enough to get your interest, there are also contests to get people involved. Read about these contests at The 1940 US Census Blog – you can win Amazon gift cards, Kindle Fires, Yeti Microphones, iPads and more! Get signed up to be eligible for these great prizes.


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