The Kimbrell Family in 1940

The information below was extracted from the 1940 United Census for the KIMBRELL family, living in the mill village of Lyman, South Carolina. Lois Brown Kimbrell was my father’s sister. I never knew her as she died when I was about 18 months old. There are some old photos of me with her and she was very beautiful. My father adored her and I don’t think he ever really got over her death.

Source: 1940 US Census, Spartanburg County, South Carolina, population schedule Lyman, Beechsprings Township, Enumeration District (ED) 42-13B . sheet number 116B., Line numbers 46-50 , Tyson Kimbrell; NARA digital images; http://1940census.archives.gove/ (accessed April 11, 2012)

From this image we learn the following about the Kimbrell Family.

On April 26, 1940, Lois Kimbrell provided the following information to the census taker, based on things as they were 25 days before, on April 1, 1940.

The KIMBRELL family was living at 12 Little Street, Lyman, South Carolina. They rented their home for $5 a month1 and had lived at this address in 1935 as well. All of the family members are white.

Tyson Kimbrell (the Head of House) was 28 years old on his last birthday. He was born in Georgia and completed 5 years of school. We learn that Tyson is a calender operator in the calender room2 of a textile mill. He worked 39 hours during the week of March 24-March 30, 1940. Tyson worked at the textile mill 51 weeks in 1939, earning $765 during the year for his work.

Lois Kimbrell, wife of Tyson, turned 25 on her last birthday. She  completed 5 years of school. Lois was born in South Carolina and is engaged in home housework. As she earned no wages, the housework must have been in her own home.

The other household members, children of Tyson and Lois Kimbrell are:

Loretta Kimbrell,  who turned 8 on his her birthday. Loretta was born in South Carolina and is a student in 1940. She has completed 2 years of school

A son, James E., turned 5 on his last birthday. He was also born in South Carolina and is not yet in school.

The youngest child, a daughter, Betty Ruth, turned 3 years old on her last birthday. Betty Ruth was born in South Carolina and is not yet in school.


1 – The houses in a mill village were owned by the mill and rented to the mill worker’s families for a very nominal monthly rent.

2 – A calender worker operated a machine which pressed using two large rollers (calenders) used to press and finish fabric.

NOTE:  The census should be used as a starting point. The information is given orally by a household member to the census taker. The household member might not remember correctly, the census taker might not hear correctly. Always confirm vital information in another source. Loretta Kimbrell was born 27 Aug 1931, so would have been 9 years old when this census was taken.

The photo of the house in the collage is not the actual house that the Kimbrells lived in. It is a very similar house located on Little Street.

Template for this extraction is based on the work of Spencer Fields, who is working towards a degree in Genealogy from Brigham Young University.


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