Me with my granddaughter, Sophia

My name is Pamela Brown Reid.  I first began working on family history back in the mid-1990s when my mother brought out a VERY old family Bible that had been given to her by her great-Aunt, Myrtle Foster Reid.  The Bible listed birth dates for the family of William Foster, his wife Sarah, and their children.  We knew we were descended from one of those children, but did not know which one.  So began my family history research passion.  It turned out that were descended through two of the children, Moses FOSTER and his sister Delilah.  Moses married Mary HURT and they gave birth to my g-g-grandfather, Gabriel Foster.  Delilah married Burrell WINGO and was grandmother to Susan WINGO, who married Gabriel FOSTER.

On my maternal side, I research ATKINS, EUBANKS, DILLARD, FOSTER, GARNER, HINES, KIMBROUGH, LEISTER, MORELAND, PIGLER, THORN(E), TURNER and WINGO.  My paternal research is much harder. Currently, I am working on BROWN, CHESNEY, HINDMAN, JONES, KNIGHTON, and SHERBERT.

I am also working on my husband’s side now and the surnames I am currently working on in his line are ALBERDING, HINES KIRBY and REID. That will broaden as I really get into the real work.


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  1. General Walter Krueger is my great great grandfather. I am the granddaughter of Aubrey Smith’s son, which i won’t reveal his name just for my family’s privacy, i’m not sure if anyone else can see this reply.

    • Both my daughter and I have SO much admiration for your great great grandfather. She ordered a reprint of his Time Magazine cover to hang in her law office once she is out of school and part of the JAG Corps. Very, very impressive man. Hope to hear from you in reply to the private email I sent.

      • Hi cousin! It’s Julie Thorne. I don’t even know how I fond this, but have come across your geneology work before and have been very impressed
        Can’t believe how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other. I hope you and the family are well.
        Maybe we can keep in touch a bit more!

      • Julie!!! I am SO excited to hear from you. I often think about you and your brothers. I will email you privately. Your message made me smile.

    • I found Pam’s blog today when googling Aubrey Smith. You and I are second cousins. I am the grandson of Max Deloss…Aubrey’s brother. That would make your dad and my dad first cousins…right?

  2. and i’m not even sure if i just added a comment on the right page. but your research on the general’s daughter is what brought me to your website. i’m interested in learning about it myself.

  3. Hi Pam,

    I’ve only recently begun researching my dad’s family. We are descended from Richard Barnett and I’ve been trying to find documentation linking Richard to Joseph. I have just come across your blog and am thrilled to discover your family’s Bible contains information about my family. I’ve also found the transcription on other sites. I was wondering if you have copies of the actual pages with the handwritten names and dates as well? I would love to have copies if you are willing to share.

    Thank you so much for making this information public!


    • Hi Denita,

      I have a lot of Barnett information, but probably not anything that will help you. I do have copies of the Bible pages that I will email to you. I also have the name of the premier Barnett researcher I have come across and I will try to hook you up with her.

      Good luck!

  4. My husband is John Hedley Bennett his mother was Bessie maiden name Hines. His mother gave him the middle name Hedley after her father. Bessies grandfather was Captain Hines of The Ant. There appears to be confusion in a local book about The Ant and The Alford.

    • Maybe there was more than one Bessie Hines in Cornwall. Obviously related since the Hines and the Hedley couldn’t be a coincidence. My Bessie was the daughter of Hedley Samuel Hines and married an Alberding. Could your Bessie be the child of one of my Bessie’s brothers? I haven’t gotten into the collateral lines on this family.

  5. I have a question about The Island Oil and Transportation Company. I have a relative that was issued a passport just about the same time as Robert Laurent BARKSDALE and I am trying to gather some more information about the company.

    I have the passport application and it says the purpose was to inspect Company property in Mexico. In your research have you found anything else about this company?



  6. Hi Pam,
    Over the weekend, I emailed a previously published email account of yours. Not sure if that is current. Please contact me. I have interesting information regarding Thorne/Pope and the mitochondrial DNA of my father, who is also related to you through Lister/Langley.

  7. Hi. Check your emails we did discuss it! You were going to get back with me if anything further came up. Is difficult research with surnames changing each generation. Bonnie

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