I Got Sidetracked Today!

TombstoneI promised more info on the Supreme Court case from 1956 that I am doing family research for.  The cases of Reid v. Covert and Kinsella v. Krueger were combined for the Supreme Court hearing because the two cases were so similar.  I will write the story here later, but today something else caught my interest. I was sidetracked by ancestral information on one of my ancestral lines.

I sent an email a day or so ago to someone who had posted a note on the memorial of my 2nd great-grandmother, Susan Wingo FOSTER.  His last name was Lister, Susan was descended from a LISTER, so I saw a lead.  He emailed me back today and is definitely a distant cousin with a lot of LISTER information.  I have a lot of WINGO and THORN(E) information to share with him.

I had always had this family listed in my database with the spelling LEISTER, but further research shows that my ancestors in the line always used LISTER.   I did a global find and replace in Reunion (thank you for that feature) and have corrected the spelling for my line.

Leonardo Andrea, a now deceased professional genealogist who specialized in South Carolina research, stated in an article dated March 23, 1966, that the correct spelling of the name was originally LEICESTER and that it was first an English surname.  According to the article, LEICESTER became LEISTER when the family arrived in America, then some dropped the “i” and became Lesters; others would drop the “e” and became Listers.  There are also some indications that some descendants adopted the spelling Leaster.

This was all very interesting and allowed me to make some great updates to my family tree. Now, back to the legal family research for that great paper my daughter is writing.  Maybe I can actually get those trees completed and get back to work on my lines.  That is just one of the things that makes me a Research Junkie.