Hello Fellow Research Junkies


I started this Blog tonight to work on Family History and Family Research.  It seems like blogging is the newest addition to increasing visibility for researching family, ancestry, etc. This is brand new and I have to decide what direction I am going to take. Maybe I will just tell you every day what it is I am working on.  Every day it is something different as one thing might lead me to something totally unrelated.  Researching my family history has been something I have done since 1996.  I am working on redoing my family web page and will post a link to that once it is updated.  Most of the work I have done so far has focused on my maternal lines – primarily my maternal grandfather’s ancestry. If you read the “About Me” post, you will see that it was a family Bible from this line that got me started in genealogy.  It all began with FOSTER and as all family researchers know, that has led to many branches on the family tree.  The primary surnames in this research are BERRY, FOSTER, GARNER, HEADEN, HURT, KIMBROUGH, LISTER, MORELAND, THORN(E), TURNER, and WINGO.  These were all English in origin, with the first known ancestors of the family arriving in Gloucester, Viriginia on the ship, “The Safety” in 1635.  Robert FOSTER and Thomas THORN were both passengers on this ship.  Many generations later, Durham Lee THORNE (the “e” was added by Durham Lee’s father, William Taylor THORNE) and Annie Caldwell FOSTER married and are my great grandparents.  That was quite a coincidence.